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Captive-bred Golden Angelfish (Bonded Pair) - GBA1 - WYSIWYG


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2" Captive-bred Golden Angelfish, Bonded Pair (Centropyge aurantia)

This may be one of the most treasured items we have offered all year! Golden Angels themselves are a hard find, and Captive-bred ones almost impossible, imagine a pair! These are much better suited to captive life, boasting phenomenal personalities with striking colors.

This is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) item, you will receive the EXACT specimens in the photo.

Care Level: Moderate

Origin: Bali Aquarich

Max. Size in Captivity: 4"

Temperament: Peaceful

Reef Safe: Yes

Currently Eating: Frozen Mysis, Flakes, most frozen foods offered